Update: Ive since move this blog to pelican

I setup this blog using django-mingus because I remember the first time I did it, it was easy, it worked and it was updated. This time around, things were not quite the same. #1 still held true, #2 not so much, and #3 not at all. Since I didnt want to move to php, and didnt like the other RoR alternatives that much, I decided to fix what I imho thought was wrong or needed to be updated. My fork of the repo is here (most of the current development is being done in the 'theme_app' branch).

One of the first issues that I faced was with the way theming was incorporated. Since minugs is structured more as distributable blog, which most users would install direcly on the server, I thought it did not make sense to have the blog templates in the core mingus application. I followed a more Pinax like approach and moved the templates to a seperate theme application. Now, you could switch themes by switching applications. I created a simple theme using Twitter's Bootstrap, which you can fork here (you would need to use my fork of mingus to be able to use it directly).

I also found some libraries outdated, so I updated them, and replaced them with better alternatives where possible.

There is still a lot to do. Most of the changes I've made are more cosmetic. I havent touched the internals of mingus yet which has quite some scope of updation/cleanup. I will be working on this as and when I get time, but if some one wants to pitch in, please feel free to send a pull request.


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