Like most other great things on the internet, a few months ago I discovered these great superhero posters by Deviant Artist blo0p on reddit. As soon as I saw them, I knew i had to have them. The artist was also kind enough to upload the posters as an imgur album, which had the added advantage of being without the Deviant Art watermark. I put together a small script to scrape and download all the images.

Currently the script is specific to this album, but the basic implementation is there. With a bit of tweaking around, it could be made more customisable. I havent had the time, but if you were so inclined, Ive created a gist of the code, fork away. Apart from the great Beautiful Soup library, I've used the awesome requests library. If you havent already, you should switch to using this instead of urllib/urllib2 ASAP.


Updated code based on Muneeb's comment.


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